New Adagio USB C, Lightning & 3.5mm to RCA interconnect cables


Press release | With the increasing use on Smartphones of very high quality streaming services like Tidal Masters, Spotify, Apple Music & Qubuz it has become apparent that the real limitation to your musical enjoyment is the most commonly used Bluetooth connection. Although a convenient and versatile connection method Bluetooth was never designed to get the very best Hi-Fi performance from your device.
We have taken a different approach, a purist approach...
Adagio uses high quality components, hand made in England to give you a pure uncompressed analogue feed directly to your Hi-Fi system so you can hear these superb new streaming services as the designers intended.
Our new Adagio range of cables are design to get the very best Hi-Fi performance from your Smartphone and portable device...


  • Propriety AD/DA chip.
  • Available for all Android devices with USB-C connectivity, and iPhone from 5 right through to the latest 11 models.
  • Available in 1, 3, 5 and 10 metres for the longest hardwired connections to your favourite, comfortable listening position.
  • Made for use with Tidal Masters, Spotify, Apple Music and all of your lossless music files on your smartphone device.
  • Negates the use of inferior Bluetooth methods, a clean, robust and beautiful signal path right from the start.
  • Silver plated conductors
  • PTFE low loss insulation
  • Outer diameter = 3.15mm
  • Normally supplied with RCA connectors


New Black Rhodium Adagio USB C, Lightning & 3.5mm to RCA interconnect cables


From left to right - click the picture to enlarge
Adagio Lightning | Adagio for Apple. Compatible with iPhone 5 through to iPhone 11.
Adagio USB C | Adagio for Android. Compatible with all Android phones using the USB C connection.
Adagio 3.5mm | Adagio for portables. Compatible with all devices using a 3.5mm headphone output.


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