New B&W Formation series


Press release | The exacting audio quality of Bowers & Wilkins is now available in a wireless audio system for whole-home sound without compromise.

"With Formation, we are setting a new bar in the world of wireless sound, proving that wired fidelity can be achieved wirelessly." - Greg Lee – CEO, Bowers & Wilkins


Bowers & Wilkins Formation Duo

What sets Formation apart

  • Bowers & Wilkins audio excellence
  • High-fidelity streaming with 96/24 bit resolution
  • Proprietary Bowers & Wilkins wireless solution, engineered for stability and quality
  • Simple to use and scales for whole home use
  • Stream using your favorite apps and devices with AirPlay®, Bluetooth®, Spotify® Connect, Roon

The Formation Suite consists of
Formation Duo: Wireless high performance stereo speakers. Optional floor stand available.
Formation Wedge: Wireless point speaker with a 120-degree elliptical shape to fill a room with clear, powerful sound.
Formation Bar: Wireless soundbar with dedicated center channel.
Formation Bass: Wireless subwoofer that pairs seamlessly with Formation speakers
Formation Audio: Wireless audio connector for streaming to any stereo system or sharing legacy sources, like a turntable.

For further info: to B&W Formation series website page

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