New Celestion F12M-150


Press release | The F12M-150 Triple Cone is a full range live response - FRLR loudspeaker designed specifically for use with amp modelers and IRs. Its unique design features two additional tweeter cones integrated with the main woofer cone, making it a "triple cone".


Celestion F12M-150

In comparison, Celestion's other FRFR-offering, the F12-X200, produces a super linear tone and is therefore, for example, perfectly suited for piezzo or acoustic sounds. The F12M-150 Triple Cone produces an organic and authentic guitar tone. The Triple Cone allows this 8-ohm speaker to cover the entire frequency range: from 60Hz to 12kHz, for a rich, detailed and pristine sound, regardless of the setup.

Available from stock at 120,00 EUR.

For further info: to Tube Amp Doctor website

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