New Celestion G12 Neo V-Type


Press release | The well-known V-Type was already a real surprise: a wonderfully balanced tone that bridges the gap between vintage and modern.

The Neo V-Type, available in 8 and 16 ohm, is equipped with a unique neodymium magnet designed for pure Celestion tone. It delivers the familiar and addictive modern vintage sound of the V-Type, at only 50% of the weight.

This great sounding speaker has a superbly balanced sound signature, clean sounds have just the right amount of upper midrange and treble sparkle to give the tone clarity and definition. Distorted, you get crackling overdrive and a raw rhythmic sound, but thanks to the magic of the neodymium magnet, it gets extra definition, for example, in string separation for single-note lead lines.

For those who find the Vintage30 too edgy, the Neo V-Type offers a more relaxed tone. Tip.

For further info: to Tube Amp Doctor website

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