New Diva XL loudspeakers from AudioNec


Press release | As our latest flagship product, the DIVA XL is the speaker of all superlatives. With its height of 2 meters, its width of 45 cm, its 2 subwoofers of 38 cm mounted in separate sealed chambers with resonant frequency of 14 Hz, its super ribbon tweeter (20 kHz - 45 kHz) and, of course, our famous HP DuoPole M1 (200 Hz - 20 kHz) with its 98 dB efficiency, this speaker system is undeniably the highest-end product available. Beyond its exceptional audio qualities, what makes the DIVA XL truly unique is its infinite customization options, to match the tastes and desires of each customer. Choice of color lacquers, choice of limitless materials, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass, oxidized metal, exotic wood, marquetry, leather, shagreen, carbon, corian ...
With the DIVA XL, a new era opens up to demanding audiophiles, guaranteeing absolute sound quality but also having a truly exclusive High-End system, perfectly suited to one's personal tastes and desires. With the DIVA XL, the world of High-End will never be the same again. To take part in this experience, do not hesitate to contact us.

Hervé Brasebin / Sales & Marketing Manager / + 33 7 86 11 76 98
Francis Chaillet / C.E.O / +33 6 07 51 48 28



For further info: to AudioNec website

For contact: write here

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