New E.A.T Prelude turntable


Press release | VANA, Ltd., importer of world class audio products, proudly announces the arrival of the European Audio Team - E.A.T Prelude turntable, an affordable high-performance turntable engineered to deliver the musicality and longevity enthusiasts have come to expect from E.A.T. The Prelude utilizes the new 9-inch A-Note tonearm that is a lightweight, ultra-stiff and resonance-free—along with a heavy aluminum platter and a pre-fitted Ortofon 2M Red cartridge, representing superb value at an MSRP of $1195 USD.
E.A.T Prelude
E.A.T’s acclaimed turntable designs reduce extraneous vibrations, resonances and coloration of the sound. This holds true for the Prelude, which features a massive aluminum elastomer-damped platter to ensure correct speed and precision. E.A.T uses a low-tolerance - 0.01 polished stainless steel spindle in a soft bronze bushing, delivering an ultra-quiet, smooth platter rotation. The plinth is made out of very dense MDF covered in eight layers of lacquer for a luxurious fit and finish. The free-standing, isolated motor drives a precision diamond-cut pulley via a high damping, precision-cut drive belt. The Prelude uses a bearing block for the tonearm and the counterweight, which acts like an energy sink for all resonances from the cartridge as well as low-frequencies from the plinth. The counterweight implements an anti-resonator damper to reduce the amplitude of the natural tonearm/cartridge resonance. All of these critical design cues enable the Prelude to deliver performance comparable to turntables at significantly higher price points. Additionally, the counterweight is clearly marked for easy setting the cartridge downforce and anti-skate values. The E.A.T Prelude comes equipped with a hinged acrylic dustcover and elegant piano lacquer finish, complementing any decor.
“The Prelude is an astonishing achievement, redefining the performance/value relationship for affordable turntables,” stated Roy Feldstein, CTO of VANA, LTD. “I anticipate that our dealers and their customers will view the Prelude as an affordable foundation for a truly audiophile HiFi system.”
The E.A.T Prelude is available now with a US MSRP is $1195.

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VANA Ltd. is a full service distributor of fine audio products and accessories serving the US market. Based in Lake Grove, NY, VANA offers visibility and expertise to boutique manufacturers from around the world. VANA will provide dealer support and sales channel management at the highest level and maintains relationships with the most respected premium audio retailers.



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