New Gato Audio amps DPA-2506 and DPA-4004

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Press Release | The Gato Audio DPA-4004 and the DPA-2506 are two flexible power amplifiers, that offer unparalleled power and performance in the smallest and most beautiful package. The DPA-4004 is a four channel power amplifier, the DPA-2506 a six channel power amplifier. Both amplifiers features the most modern and musical Class-D technology.

The DPA-4004 offers no less than 4x400W in 8ohm load, the DPA-2506 no less than 6x250W, Both doubling in 4ohm. Each pair of channels in both amplifiers are bridgeable – enabling these fully configurable powerhouses to be used for either multichannel setups, active systems or for bi-amping speakers. These amplifiers are the obvious choice for the PRD-3 preamplifier/DAC, but are also very suitable as workhorses for the integrated amplifiers DIA-250 and DIA-400 – offering even more channels and flexibility. For multichannel systems they serve as slaves for a surround processor perhaps in combination with a PRD-3, DIA-250 or DIA-400 enabling their Home Theater setting.

For further information: to the Gato Audio website

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