New German Physiks HRS-130 loudspeaker

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Press Release | The HRS-130 is the next model up from the Unlimited Mk II loudspeakers that we showed at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest last year. Physically is only a little larger than the Unlimited Mk II: 3.3" wider and deeper and 8.25" taller. The sound quality is a useful step up from the Unlimited Mk II.


The HRS-130 replaces our long-running HRS-120. It features a carbon fibre cone German Physiks DDD driver, mounted on top of an octagonal section column cabinet. A downward firing 10-inch woofer is located in the base. This replaces the 8-inch unit used in the HRS‑120. A slightly taller cabinet allows for a larger Helmholtz resonator, which combined with the new woofer provides a cleaner and more authoritative bass. Other improvements include: a redesigned crossover for better dynamics and resolution; 2 sets of WBT nextgen™ binding posts to allow bi-wire/bi-amping and a restyled cabinet, which together with a new all-over high-polish polyester finish (in black or white) gives the HRS-130 a sleeker and more luxurious look.


Price Eur 13,900/pr.

For further information:

download the official Press Release

to the German Physiks website

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