New Lavoce Italiana DN14.30TK compression driver


Press release | Lavoce Italiana, the transducer company with a 35year heritage of designing and manufacturing HF/LF professional loudspeaker transducers, are using The NAMM Show to officially launch DN14.30TK, their new Next Generation 1.4” Exit neodymium compression driver.

Exhibiting a smooth extended frequency response to 20kHz and low distortion, DN14.30TK has a 110W AES Power rating, 3” Edgewound copper-clad aluminium voice coil and 108dB sensitivity. Closely following the Next Generation HF design ethos of its successful bigger brother, DN14.300T, it employs the same phase plug, but in a slightly more compact product footprint – 120mm diameter – with a hybrid Titanium diaphragm with a Polyimide surround.

Compared to a one-piece Titanium diaphragm and surround, the hybrid Titanium/Polyimde diaphragm assembly used on DN14.30TK offers a lower resonant frequency - Fs due to the softer surround material. This enhances the low frequency performance around the recommended crossover point, 1.2kHz, which can help simplify the crossover designs and improve the quality for vocal reproduction.


Lavoce Italiana DN14.30TK


DN14.30TK also employs their patented Integral Input Surface - IIS phase plug technology, which incorporates a perfectly smooth, one-piece, input surface for the dome of the phase plug which reduces the risk any misalignment issues in this critical high-pressure area. Together with its improved assembly topology, this technology ensures production batches are fully compliant to performance requirements and maintains consistency in the field.

Like all Lavoce Next Generation compression drivers, DN14.30TK has been designed and optimized by their R&D team in Potenza Picena, Italy, using their own proprietary FEA software applications. This software includes sub-models for simulating the HF motor, dome, phase plug and the interface with a horn, and then combines them into a system level fully coupled model which is presented in a customized graphical user interface - GUI. This significantly speeds up the development process and produces very accurate devices, which are not only acoustically impressive like DN14.30TK and DN14.300T, but are also completely optimized for production efficiency and consistency.    

Pierpaolo DeMinicis, Pro Audio Division Manager, added "DN14.30TK is another elegant Lavoce product which emphasizes our commitment to premium performance HF devices which compete at the highest level. The development resources our Italian R&D team have created are industry leading and our wholly owned production facility in China is first class, so watch this space for more exciting high frequency products to come".


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About Lavoce Italiana
Lavoce Italiana designs and manufactures industry leading HF and LF transducers for professional audio and MI manufacturers and distributors. Its global R&D center is located in Potenza Picena, Italy, and all products are manufactured at their wholly owned state-of-the-art production plant in Jiashan, China.

For further info: to Lavoce Italiana website

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