New OCC silver RCA cable from RDacoustic


Press release | Our very own RCA audio cable has arrived. Reference cable made of pure OCC silver. Handmade. 24K gold plated plugs. Signal path soldered with special oxygen free tin with added silver. Made in the Czech Republic.

Precise RCA Plugs with 24K gold plated signal parts. The layer of gold ensures perfect surface conductivity, chemical stability and resistance against oxidation. Also, it minimises the skin effect. The central pin is insulated from the outer ring with Teflon. The lamellae of the outer ring are joined to their counterpart by rotating the grey aluminium housing.


RDacoustic OCC silver RCA cable

Pure OCC solid silver cable. Double shielded, Al-Mylar-foil and SPC braid. Twisted signal conductors. The dielectric between the shielding and the signal conductors is made of Teflon which improves frequency linearity.

Thanks to the OCC casting process, Ohno Continuous Cast – 1986, a 99.99998% purity of silver is achievable. The main technological advantage of OCC when it comes to conductors is that the wire is drawn in the direction of its Bravais lattice, similarly to the drawing of silicon. Electrons in OCC silver therefore do not face any obstacles in the conductor, unlike in conductors drawn using other technologies where there are microcracks, impurities, oxygen and products of its oxidation. Using OCC, a wire with the diameter of 50 microns can be drawn for up to 6.5 km keeping the same orientation of the crystal structure in the conductor.


RDacoustic OCC silver RCA cable


RCA plugs

  • 24K gold plated
  • With a screwing mechanism


OCC cable of pure silver

  • Uniformly oriented crystal structure
  • Silver purity of 99.99998%
  • Double shielding, Al-Mylar + SPC
  • Teflon dielectric
  • Diameter of the signal conductor: 2x0.33mm

Length: 75cm
Diameter: 12mm
Weight: 420g



For further info: to RDacoustic website

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