New PrimaLuna EVO 300


Press release | Durob Audio proudly announces our first PrimaLuna – Floyd EVO Hybrid Integrated Amplifier. A fine-tuned match of our PrimaLuna proven tube pre-stage and our Floyd Design Mosfet power stage. Downolad the PrimaLuna EVO 300 specifications here.

Floyd Design
Floyd Design has been Durob’s Solid State Design department for almost 20 years! This department, headed by Jan de Groot, has been servicing, designing and modifying solidstate circuits since 2002. Jan has a long history and great experience with JFETs and Mosfets. After having been Service Manager from 1986 to 1995 for Luxman, Thorens, AirTight, B&W in The BeNeLux, he became responsible in 1995 for the design and production of Sphinx, a famous Dutch audio brand at the time. In 2002 Jan started to work for Durob Audio, participating in the real-world experience of distribution and servicing, repairing, modifying solid state reference brands like Krell, Cello, Dartzeel, D’Agostino and more. All these experiences bring you now a new range of reliable, high-quality audio products. Floyd Design is High Quality “Soft” Solid State at a fair, no-nonsense price. Like with PrimaLuna, we firmly believe that Floyd’s quality level will set the bar at a difficult height for other products
to match.

PrimaLuna EVO 300-1

About PrimaLuna
PrimaLuna is a Mondial brand of tube electronics established in 2003 by Herman van den Dungen, a high-end distributor from The Netherlands. More than 30 years – at that time, more than 45 now – of high-end experience in the fields of design, manufacturing, export, import, retail, and after-sales service was the basis for a range of affordable and reliable yet highly musical products. Together with Marcel Croese - of Goldmund fame and Dominique Chenet - of Jadis fame, he – assisted by Tube Guru Kevin Deal – was heading his team to bring simply the best products with the best service for the best price. At PrimaLuna, we all try to understand what the customer wants and deserves.
The philosophy of the PrimaLuna team is that not just the PrimaLuna products but also the people involved in PrimaLuna have to be top-of-the-bill. So PrimaLuna will give you excellent designers, the highest quality manufacturing and a first-class sales and after-sales network. All this without becoming unaffordable.

We offer Western design and marketing, combined with Far East manufacturing under European control and Dutch after-sales service. We are proud that skilled and experienced distributors and dealers worldwide recognized the potential of the PrimaLuna brand for themselves and their clientèle. We all hope to be able to serve you the maximum possible for a long time to come.


For further info:

to PrimaLuna website

to Durob Audio website

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