New Sensa and Swing speakers


Press release | We have the pleasure to present our two new speaker models. They have been designed to fit into any small interiors, aimed at lifestyle trend to have compact but performing speaker.


A new simple and elegant cabinet design has been developed. Notwithstanding the slimmer size than usual, the load volume remains optimum. The Apertura requirements still remain at its expected/highest level owing to Sensa & Swing musical performances.
Apertura Sensa
Both speakers are equipped with an “isotactic matrix” 16cm mid woofer like in Armonia, Edena and their big sisters. The tweeter is part of the “ring radiator” family.

More than 35 years ago, Christian Yvon has developed a crossover technology called DRIM, which is implemented on every Apertura speaker. This crossover is hand-wired and no concession is made in the choice of components
All drive units are individually measured in our facility, and each crossover values adjusted accordingly.
The same manufacturing process, a careful choice in components and rigorous tests are applied regardless of the models.
Apertura Swing
Sensa is Armonia’s worthy descendant, whereas Swing stands out for its modularity: as a classical stand mount speaker, simply placed on a piece of furniture or integrated in a bookcase to comply with space constraints.

They met a great success in the latest Munich High End show, where they have been presented in preview. An undeniable success during the first presentations in different stores. They are showing surprising musicality, vivacity and presence for their compact size.



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