New Stenheim acoustic session


Press release | Discover today the latest Stenheim Acoustic Session played by Charl du Plessis Trio and recorded by the world-renowned Jean-Claude Gaberel from Label G in DXD format here.


Stenheim Acoustic Sessions

Stenheim Acoustic Sessions
When a musician expresses the full measure of their talent, with no artificial aids, and with the purity inherent in an acoustic performance, the experience is bound to be unforgettable. The Stenheim Acoustic Sessions programme, gives artists the chance to record original tracks in unusual places and in exceptional acoustic conditions.

Charl du Plessis Trio
This trio hails from South Africa and is comprised of pianist Charl du Plessis, bassist Werner Spies and drummer Peter Auret. The trio houses a dynamically creative, exciting, and fresh sound, spanning multiple influences from all of its members. It is particularly the juxtaposition of classical and jazz music in their arrangements that have made this ensemble stand out and gain international recognition.


Stenheim Acoustic Sessions

“The genesis of the unique crossover music of the Charl du Plessis Trio was a natural cross-pollination of my love for my classical and jazz. For years I studied both styles, but in complete separation.With the recording of this new disc for Stenheim I wanted to include tracks that share our respect for the original score, whilst infusing it with creativity and imagination. It was important to us to include a variety of moods, styles and composers to show the listening enjoyment of our music for the discerning listener. The recording was specifically aimed to capture the sensitive, true and emotional quality of a live performance" says Charl du Plessis.

Label G
Label G was created by Jean-Claude Gaberel: Academy Grand Prix Charles Cros, Grand Prix Academy of the Disc, Cesar best sound for Farinelli movie, Golden Globe Winner Award. It has to be a "smuggler" emotions "at the service of music and musicians in the purest audiophile spirit. Label G is also a gateway allowing interpreters to access a national digital distribution service. With the label G, I wanted, to make the recordings in very high definition, in order to put this technique of the future dedicated to the music and the interpreters, and above all to be a passer of emotions proposing musicians a very good international distribution structure by Claves Records“ Jean-Claude Gaberel himself says.


Stenheim Acoustic Sessions

Recording environment
This recording was made with great attention to detail so as to respect the acoustic conditions of a live performance, all the musicians playing together in a room that was designed for music: The Espace Consonance in Saxon, Swiss.

Only the best equipment was chosen so that audiophiles and music-lovers could recreate the atmosphere and the fullness of this specially composed music, played by the Charl Du Plessis Trio, on their Hi-Fi system.

  • Main, piano and drums : Millenia HV 3D8
  • Custom preamplifier microphones
  • Guitar : Warm 273 EQ preamplifier
  • Drums : Hapi converter by Merging Technology
  • Pyramix Virtual Studio 12
  • Recorded in DXD format
  • Custom-made microphone cables and H-Fi cables
  • Monitor controller : Grace Design M 905
  • Nagra amplifier
  • Stenheim ALUMINE TWO speakers
  • Fostex HD-900 and Stox SL 700 headphones

This album is everything that audiophiles and music lovers could wish for: magnificent music recorded under perfect conditions with the very best equipment.

Once again, do not miss the opportunity to buy this recording on our web site and discover the other Label G recordings also available for purchase on our webshop here.



Jean-Pascal Panchard
phone +41 79 220 02 22


For further info: to Stenheim website

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