New Torus Power PB 10


Press release | We are pleased to announce that the next member of our new PowerBlock family is ready for shipment. The Torus Power PB 10 offers two 5-amp Torus Power isolation transformers in a compact, rugged enclosure. The PowerBlock PB 10 was designed for use in mid-power audio and video systems and it features full isolation between outlet pairs. Like its little brother, the PB 5, the Torus Power PowerBlock PB 10 is ideal for situations where you want to isolate digital components from analog equipment or segregate switching power supplies from linear power supplies.

Torus Power PB 10
The PowerBlock PB 10's compact footprint and rugged construction make it convenient for use in almost any situation. It looks sharp on or near a component shelf, on any floor surface or it can be located elsewhere when space is at a premium. It's a great value too at only US $1299.00 retail.


The PowerBlock PB 10 is in stock and ready to ship - order today!


For further info:

write to Torus Audio

to the Torus Audio website

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