New Zanden Audio 3000mk2​ preamplifier

Zanden Audio 3000mk2
Zanden Audio 3000mk2

Press Release | Osaka, Japan: December 20, 2016- Zanden Audio is excited to announce the launch of our new model 3000mk2 preamplifier at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

It replaces the current model 3000 preamplifier in the Classic Series and includes a number of crucial improvements. Input and output transformers have been replaced with amorphous cobalt ones. The tube
rectified power supply has been completely redesigned. Zanden has also retained ALPS highest quality analog
potentiometer while successfully implementing a unique motor drive system to achieve remote volume control.
The model 3000mk2 includes a full function remote which controls power, volume, switching of sources,
absolute or reverse polarity and a mute function.

Be sure to visit us in the Venetian Suite 29-312 from January 5th to the 8th and experience the completely
redesigned Zanden model 3000mk2. The playback system will include our model 9600mk2 mono block amplifiers and 1200mk3 phono stage. We will demonstrate an all analog playback system, including Kharma dB-
9S speakers and a Grand Prix Audio Monaco turntable. You will hear how far we have closed the gap between
live music and recorded music.

Zanden Audio Systems, Ltd., is a privately held company based in Osaka, Japan. It was established in 1990 by
Kazutoshi Yamada for the purpose of closing the gap between live music and recorded music which he became
keenly aware of as a concert coordinator for over 500 live events. Zanden is both a manufacturer of hi-end audio equipment and continues to be active in the recording of live music. Over the years their products have received numerous awards and wide acclaim for their sonic virtues. They are distributed in over 15 countries with many more local dealers.

For further info:

download here the official complete press release

contact here Eric Pheils from Zanden Audio Systems

to Zanden Audio USA website

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