New update Audirvāna Studio 1.8


Press release | The latest Audirvāna Studio 1.8 update is now available. It includes a new way to navigate the folder tree of your local library with the "folder view".

This view is accessible by clicking on the icon representing a "folder" next to the LOCAL menu in the source list on the left of the interface.  It allows you to browse your synchronized folders, to view the tracks of the selected folders, to play them, to add them to your playlists or to your favorites.

In short, yet another way to browse and organize your music to suit all your uses. Download update 1.8 here.


New sorting feature on your remote

The Audirvāna Remote mobile app is also evolving and now allows you to sort items in a view just as you do in Audirvāna Studio on the computer.

This free update of Audirvāna Remote also improves landscape viewing on tablets. And you'll also soon be able to filter and create smart playlists.

The Audirvāna Remote mobile app is available for free download from the Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS. Try Audirvāna Studio here.


EQ and acoustic correction

You can easily perform audio processing in Audirvāna Studio using plugins. In the audio settings, click on "processing", select a plugin of your choice from those available, adjust it as you wish and listen to the result: all the music played will go through this processing.
You can use VST3 plugins under Windows, and Audio Units under MacOS. There are thousands of free and paid plugins and your choice is unlimited. Once downloaded and installed, the plugin will be directly visible among the available plugins in Audirvāna settings.

If you want to try an EQ - equalizer, for example, with a free plugin, you can use the AUGraphicEQ present by default in your Mac, or download here the renowned MEqualizer from Melda Production which works on both Mac and PC.

And if you want to apply a filter using a convolution engine to make an acoustic correction of your room, your system or both, you can try here the MConvolutionez of the same publisher.


For further info: to Audirvana website

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