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Press release | We launched our new website developed with our partner PrestoAV. This new website improves the overall browsing experience with mobile-friendly responsive design and faster loading. Through this improved navigation and updated content, you should be able to find anything you want to know about Trinnov.
The case studies and new blog sections are vastly improved, to make our latest news more accessible.
Last but not least, our website is now also available in French.


The Optimizer technology we develop tends to maximize loudspeaker performance in any acoustic environment, regardless of the application.
Over the years, we have developed strong relationships with some of the most recognized and respected loudspeaker brands and we are grateful to be able to work together towards the same goal.
Now, in early 2021, we are pleased to expand our relationships with two speaker manufacturers, Krix in Australia and Meridian in the UK.



About Trinnov Audio
Trinnov’s founders began researching high spatial resolution audio 20 years ago, well before today’s immersive audio formats were even conceived.

Today, the French manufacturer is advancing audio performance in homes, studios and commercial cinemas with our world-renowned loudspeaker/room Optimizer and other proprietary technologies that are protected by over 50 international patents.

With over 5,000 high-performance installations worldwide, Trinnov’s unique hardware and software platform enables first-to-market solutions and virtually eliminates obsolescence, with each installation backed by industry-leading remote technical support. Prestigious customers include Technicolor, Fox, BBC, Globo, NHK, Toho and UGC.



For further info: to the Trinnov Audio website

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