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News and Events | Press Releases of 2016
Zanden Audio 3000mk2
News and Events

It replaces the current model 3000 preamplifier in the Classic Series and includes a number of crucial improvement.

News and Events

We wish you happy holidays and all the best for 2017.

Keith Monks Limited Edition discOvery miniOne Carbon
News and Events

6 Free litres/quarts of our discOvery fluid with all orders received in December!

News and Events

Small, dark and handsome.

News and Events

Branko Glisovic’s career began in 1967 when he started his apprenticeship as a technical business manager.

Revox new 2017 R2R
News and Events
The new Revox will cost about what a high performance MC cartridge costs, with delivery first quarter 2017.
News and Events

The M-series. Evolved.



Metaxas Marquis
News and Events

Another brilliant idea from a very different Hi End Audio company.

EBTB Terra Mk4 Special Edition
News and Events

Who says that the great sounding loudspeaker cannot be visually stunning?

Metaxas Ikarus
News and Events

Forbes Holiday Gift Guide 2016 includes Metaxas & Sins Ikarus Amplifier.

Volya Bouquet
News and Events

Art, innovative design and luxury, a match never tried before in the High-End market.

News and Events

HARMAN perfectly complements Samsung in terms of technologies, products and solutions, and joining forces is a natural extension of the automotive strategy we have been pursuing for some time.

News and Events

Address the issue of noise at the source and solve the common ground loop/hum.

News and Events

After the launch last year of the Diva speakers, now the birth of its big sister the Diva XL.

News and Events

We will be located in Hotel Jan III Sobieski, VI floor, room 615.

News and Events

Finally the time has come for the world best coaxial loudspeaker systems...

Trinnov Audio Altitude 32
News and Events

Download all the official Press Releases HERE (Zip).

Auris Audio at the High End Swiss 2016
News and Events

We would be happy to answer any further questions that you might have. We are looking forward for seeing you there.

News and Events

The Formula Dac uses no digital filter or any other compensation, relying instead on maniacal attention to each sub circuit

Avid HiFi Reference 4
News and Events

The Reference Four cabinet is also reflex loaded, the bass performance being optimised and the tuned port exits below onto our diffusing plate minimising room positioning issues.

EAM Lab 102i
News and Events

Following the favourable integrated amp wave, here comes a new player.

AudioNec Listening Room
News and Events

There you will listen to all the range of our new high-end products: Music Servers, Amplifiers, Loudspeakers, DSP & Cables.

News and Events

Three PureAudioProject Open Baffle Speakers will make debut: The reference Stellar12 and the modular Trio15 Voxativ and Trio15 A5000.

News and Events

A new sound format is taking over the audio world!

News and Events

Get in touch with one of the most innovative Hi-End brand...

News and Events

The user has access to the already purchased music at HIGHRESAUDIO the leading music software player Audirvana Plus.


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