Octave Records releases The Nature of Things


Press release | PS Audio’s Octave Records label has released its latest album, The Nature of Things by the band Foxfeather. It’s a compelling blend of rock, pop, acoustic-electric roots music, blues and more, led by singer Carly Ricks Smith and acoustic guitarist/keyboardist and backing vocalist Laura Stratton.
The Nature of Things was recorded in pure Direct Stream Digital - DSD using the Sonoma system in PS Audio’s Boulder, Colorado studio, Animal Lane in Lyons, CO, and Vernon Barn in Longmont, CO. Like other Octave Records releases, it was recorded and mastered using Octave Records’ exclusive DSDDirect Mastered recording system, where the mastering occurs at the same time as the mixing, thereby eliminating a generation of audio processing to maintain maximum sonic purity.
The Nature of Things is available as a limited-edition release of 1,000 hybrid SACD discs with the master DSD layer and a CD layer. In addition, the album is available as a download bundle including DSD64, DSDDirect Mastered 192kHz/24-bit, 96kHz/24-bit and 44.1kHz/16-bit PCM. Click here to order The Nature of Things.
The musicians in Foxfeather are: Carly Ricks Smith - lead and background vocals; Laura Stratton - acoustic guitar, piano/keyboards, backing vocals; Kate Farmer - backing vocals; Jay Elliott - drums, percussion; Blake Smith electric guitar; Mark Dabrowski bass; Oliver Jacobson - fiddle; Eben Grace - pedal steel, electric guitar, acoustic guitar; and Eric Moon - organ, synthesizer. The Nature of Things was produced by Eben Grace, with the help of Octave Records’ recording engineer Gus Skinas, Jay Elliott, recording and mixing engineer), Giselle Collazo, mixing engineer and Sonoma DSD operator, and Jessica Carson, executive producer.
The music ranges from the syncopated, funk-tinged groove of Lunatic and the rocker Fillin’ Me Up to the plaintive Lonely Feeling and 24 Years, a song about growing past difficult relationships. With three female singers, the vocals and harmonies are sweet and layered, powerful and intimate, and the band complements Carly, Laura and Kate with richly-textured accompaniment. Much of the album was recorded “live” in the studio, capturing the interplay between the musicians and a natural room sound with presence and spaciousness.
Foxfeather’s Carly Ricks Smith noted, “The thing we like about lyric writing is that it can go anywhere you want.” Laura Stratton added, “The album is a time capsule of what we went through during the lockdown. Everything and anything can be an inspiration. Even one chord can evoke a feeling.”
About Octave Records
Octave Records was founded in 2019 to offer the finest-quality high-resolution recordings and compensate musicians fairly for their work using a business model where all production costs are paid for up front, allowing the musicians to directly share in sales revenues and retain ownership of their music. Chief engineer Gus Skinas has hundreds of recording credits and helped develop the state-of-the-art Sonoma pure-DSD recording system used exclusively by Octave Records.

About PS Audio
Founded in 1973, PS Audio has earned a worldwide reputation for excellence in manufacturing innovative, high-value, leading-edge audio products. Located in Boulder, Colorado at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, PS Audio’s staff of talented designers, engineers, production and support people build each product to deliver extraordinary performance and musical satisfaction. The company’s wide range of award-winning products include the all-in-one Sprout100 integrated amplifier, audio components, power regenerators and power conditioners.


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