Press Release No.2 - HIGH END 2019


Press release | The HIGH END 2019 exhibition is now fully booked. There are still just under four months to go until the HIGH END opens its doors from May 9 to 12, 2019. Nevertheless, all of the exhibition space at this year’s international hi-fi exhibition is now already fully booked. More than 500 exhibitors and all renowned brands in the industry will be attending the world’s leading hi-fi gathering in 2019.

As always, the demand for exhibition space among companies has been consistently high. Stefan Dreischärf, the Managing Director of the company HIGH END SOCIETY Service GmbH, is delighted about the multitude of registrations received. “The HIGH END is fully booked, all well-known manufac- turers will be attending the event and the booking status has again increased by ten percent com- pared to last year’s event at the same time. This year, we will also yet again be able to present new exhibitors who are attending the HIGH END for the first time.” A number of well-known brands will also be showcased at the event for the first time in 2019.
The entire capacity of the exhibition grounds, which cover an impressive area of 29,000 square me- ters, is therefore completely filled. At present, all 138 closed rooms with sizes between 49 and 440m2 in the upper atriums and all four exhibition halls of the MOC are reserved.

“The immense feedback from the interested companies yet again extremely impressively underlines the status of the HIGH END as the world’s leading hi-fi exhibition and innovation platform for the industry”, explains Jürgen Timm, the Chairman of the Board of the HIGH END SOCIETY.

The entire spectrum of high-quality consumer electronics
No other exhibition in the world offers such a comprehensive portfolio of devices, innovations and ser- vices for the hi-fi industry as the HIGH END in Munich. In fact, the event presents the entire spectrum of high-quality consumer electronics from A right through to Z.

The exhibition, which is held over a period of four days, expects to welcome more than 20,000 visitors, approx. 13,000 of whom are interested consumers. The other more than 7,000 visitors are top-ranking opinion leaders from all over the world who attend the event as trade visitors in order to find out about the latest trends and innovations in the worlds of analog technology, digital technology and electronics, loudspeakers, headphone developments, mobile products, sound recording medium sales and plenty of accessories.

As one of the most important events on the globe for experts in the audio industry and a unique world of experience for the general public, this year’s HIGH END exhibition in Munich in May is sure to yet again be a mecca for the hi-fi universe.

You can find more on that topic in the Press Release No.2 for the HIGH END 2019 downloadable here.


For further info: to HIGH END website

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