PureAudioProject Owners and Fans Family


Press release | About the group and why now? Many, if not all of us are nowadays grounded to our homes, mind is troubled, and all we are trying to do is simply to keep safe... First, we hope you all are safe and that these hard times will pass soon!

This sudden change in behaviour made us here think how can we add a bit of peace and joy to our days, and ease our minds a bit... Yes, music, our audio hobby, and refreshing online activities can definitely work to do this!

So with the above in mind we decided to do now what we have planned for quite a while, to form a Facebook group for you, PureAudioProject owners and fans, to share and communicate your experience with music, your audio gear and your hobby in general.

So welcome to our new Facebook group PureAudioProject Owners and Fans Family: you and we all will be there together.


PureAudioProject Owners and Fans Family

To keep group communication intime, pleasant and personal, the group will be "seen by all" but "open for posts and communication" for members only.

We hope this group will be a pleasant and fulfilling space for us all to enrich our experience with what we love so much, music and audio... and in the short run may it be the space to find some peace during the turbulent days we all experience...

Keep safe and look forward to have you joining our Owners and Fans Family Group.



For order or further info just write us a reply to info@pureaudioproject.com.

For further info: to PureAudioProject website

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