PureAudioProject and First Watt together for PAP-C1 crossover


Press Release | We are proud to announce the release of the PAP-C1, a two way Active Analog Crossover, designed by Nelson Pass and First Watt for Open Baffle and PureAudioProject.

The PAP-C1 was specifically designed for speakers with woofers and full range drivers, a popular and raved configuration in PureAudioProject offering.

Based on First Watt legendary B5 crossover, the PAP-C1 revised JFet filters allow smooth  -12db low and high pass filtering between 100hz to 550hz
In addition, the PAP-C1 features adjustable low-bass boost and a gentle high-mid notch on board, and a continuous gain adjustment of the low frequencies on it's front panel, aka 'loudness'.

PureAudioProject unique modular offering features a variety of full range drivers and their matched passive crossovers integrated with 10" or 15" OB woofers in Open Baffle speakers. With Nelson Pass / First Watt revised design, the PAP-C1 offers such flexibility also for bi-amping and active crossovers fans, while keeping the entire audio path pure analog and audiophile.

Special Time / Quantity Limited Pre-Order
Web Price: US$ 1,500 excl. shipping (from the US)
Special Pre-Order Price: US$ 1,299, incl. shipping worldwide


For further info:

visit the PAP-C1 web page

to PureAudioProject website

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