Quintet15 Heil AMT1 Beta Group


Press release | Few months ago ESS Labs reduced the price for their legendary Heil AMT1 Tweeter to $170/pc and that was amazing...


This price reduction allowed us to reduce the price of our Trio15 HeilAMT and triggered us to add the Heil AMT1 option also to our Quintet15 offering. But we decided to do it in a PureAudioProject way, that is together with you!


PAP Quintet15 Heil AMT1


We therefore announce and form the Quintet15 Heil AMT1 Beta Group. This group will experiment various bi-amping and passive crossover options, and this process and it's outcome will be documented and shared on PureAudioProject media and this dedicated blog.
If you are interested to join our Quintet15 Heil AMT1 Beta Group, contact us by a return mail here and get our special Beta offer. This call is open for Quintet15 owners and new customers as one. The number of participants will be limited.

Quintet15 Speakers that will be provided for the Beta Group will feature:

  • complete Quintet15 chassis
  • Heil AMT1 drivers
  • bi-amping distribution boards, for bi and tri-amping
  • current Trio15 passive crossover, for various experiments
  • thrier boards, for new crossover design

The Quintet15 Heil AMT will offer a simple and cost effective upgrade path to past and new owners of the Trio15 Heil AMT1.


PAP Trio15 Heil AMT1


For further info:

write to PureAudioProject

to PureAudioProject website

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