Rediscovering the M2Tech Crosby


Press release | The first M2Tech power amplifier ever! And it's not a plain amplifier. From a company devoted to digital, even a power amplifier has something to do with bits and numbers. In fact, the Crosby is a class-D amplifier, but a special one. Based on the well-known IcePower technology, it has more to do with linear amplifiers than with switching circuitries.


M2Tech Crosby


M2Tech designers took a great power board and surrounded it with additional circuits to increase its performance and its versatility. Therefore, high-performance input buffers were added to the IcePower board
in order to achieve optimal coupling with every preamplifier. As well, the input buffers allow for both
single-ended and balanced connection. Another additional circuit allows for driving the amplifier in bridged mono.

The Crosby delivers 60W per channel in stereo (8 Ohms). This power is quite enough to produce lifelike sound pressure levels in a normal listening environment when using modern, high sensitivity loudspeakers. When more power is required, two Crosbys can be used in bridged mono to obtain three times the power per channel than one Crosby in stereo.

M2Tech Crosby

Thanks to its small size, its high efficiency and its family look, the Crosby is the perfect companion to the Young MkIII DAC/Preamplifier.



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