Rediscovering the M2Tech Young MkIII


Press release | M2Tech has made its name by leading-edge digital audio products. The Young MkIII DAC/Preamplifier is M2Tech's flagship. It encompasses a wealth of technical ideas and solutions to deliver the best sound, great versatility and ease of use. Its small-size and elegant case makes for a perfect integration with every style of furniture. The Young MkIII is able to accept and decode all digital audio formats: PCM up to 384kHz, native DSD up to 256x and DoP up to 128x. It also decodes MQA on USB and aptX on Bluetooth, always delivering a very high sound quality.


M2Tech Young MkIII

Operation of the Young MkIII is possible in various ways: through its front panel controls, by the stock IR remote control or by the free Android app available through Google Play.
An incredibly rich set of input connections (for its size) allows you to connect every kind of figital source you can think of: async USB UAC 2.0, no driver required for OSx, iOS and Linux, driver available for Windows, coaxial, Toslink optical, balanced, Bluetooth and unbalanced analog.

M2Tech Young MkIII

The analog input and the digitally-operated analog volume control allow for using the Young MkIII as a true preamplifier, connecting a phono preamplifier like the M2Tech Nash or any other line-level source to drive a power amplifier, we suggest one or two Crosby, depending on the speakers sensitivity and the room size.


How do I compare the Young MkIII to my old Young 384/32 DAC or Young DSD


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