Soulution at the Munich High End Show

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Press release | You like music as natural, involving and full of emotions as you usually enjoy it in the concert hall or during a live concert? Come, listen and convince yourself!
We are very excited to introduce three new products at this year’s edition of the Highend show in Munich.

  • 760 D/A-converter is an achievement in reproduction of digital music and showcases soulution’s capabilities and love for music.
  • 755 phono preamplifier sets a new benchmark in analogue music reproduction.
  • 746 power supply makes our new and well rewarded power supply technology available for the 746 SACD player as well.

Find us at the M.O.C Munich, Atrium 4, E107.


For further information:

download the complete Soulution 755 and 760 Press Release

to the Soulution website

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