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Press release | We have a couple of huge updates for you all! First, we are tremendously delighted to announce that Qobuz is the official music streaming sponsor for T.H.E. Show 2021! We will be posting more details next week but get ready because there will be some fun initiatives coming up involving Qobuz. For now, we can say that David Solomon and Dan Mackta of Qobuz will be attending to help support T.H.E. Show.

Next, T.H.E. Show 2021 is excited to publish the first of multiple exhibitor lists! This is a PARTIAL LIST as exhibitors are being added daily, but for now, here are some of the wonderful dealers and manufacturers you can expect to see this coming June 11 - 13 at the Hilton, Long Beach, CA.

Of these folks, the following are either premiering something brand new or are making their audio show world premiere with T.H.E. Show:

  1. CH Precision
  2. Stenheim - premiere of something incredibly special that’s all we are allowed to say for now
  3. Vitus Audio
  4. Mofi
  5. AGD Productions
  6. Thrax Audio
  7. Audiovector Loudspeakers
  8. ATC Loudspeakers
  9. Lone Mountain Audio
  10. MC AudioTech - T.H.E. Show premiere and possible new product premiere
  11. Audience AV
  12. Audio Limits
  13. High Fidelity Cables
  14. Margules Audio
  15. Sunny Components - premiere of something incredibly special - that’s all we are allowed to say for now
  16. Wayne Carter Audio Design - premiere of bespoke audio system
  17. Pietra Audio
  18. Benchmark Audio Systems
  19. Cake Audio
  20. Alsyvox Audio Design
  21. PBN Audio - possible premiere of new product
  22. PranaFidelity - premiere of something very special - that’s all we are allowed to say for now
  23. Heavenly Soundworks - T.H.E. Show premiere and audio show debut!
  24. Cable Support Plate - T.H.E. Show premiere and audio show debut!
  25. Elusive Disc
  26. AIX Records
  27. Dr. Mark Waldrep
  28. Voss Audio
  29. Awedyo Audio - T.H.E. Show premiere!
  30. MK Gold

We will be releasing subsequent lists next week of more exhibitors so be ready for even more great systems and components coming to T.H.E. Show 2021.

Special hotel room pricing is available as well for those who wish to stay over on-site! Those rooms can be secured here.

Early bird discount tickets are almost completely SOLD OUT. We have just a few tickets left so please don't wait to get your tickets now. We will be releasing regularly priced tickets shortly, so you will still be able to get tickets, but who doesn't love a discount? Grab your discounted tickets now here.

Health and Safety
We are proud to be working with the Hilton, Long Beach to follow all health and safety guidelines and suggestions as set forth by the local, county, state, and federal governmental and appropriate agencies to make T.H.E. Show 2021 safe for everyone.

As such, we are committed to the following at T.H.E. Show 2021:

  • Daily temperature checks will be happening.
  • Masks must be worn on site.
  • Extra masks will be available if your mask breaks or you lose it, etc.
  • There will be social distancing in effect.
  • Gloves will be available for those who wish to request them.
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be readily accessible and there will be hand sanitizer pumps in the elevators.
  • We are asking that if you have been fully vaccinated, that you please bring your vaccination card. While this is not a requirement, we believe it will be helpful. Your entry to T.H.E. Show will not be denied if you don’t have one.

The Stats on California
We are pleased to share with you some statistics about California and its positivity rate to date:

  • California has the lowest positivity rate – 1.2% – since the pandemic started as of April 27, 2021. Source: covid.19.ca.gov
  • 28,682,914 vaccines have been administered in California to date. Source: covid.19.ca.gov
  • California has started allowing indoor concerts, theater performances and other private gatherings* as of April 15, 2021. *This is with capacity limits.
  • The California Department of Public Health announced the changes on Friday as the rate of people testing positive for COVID-19 nears a record low. Source: abc7.com

Please Note
The CDC, and the President announced April 27, 2021 that fully vaccinated individuals may elect to no longer wear masks outside if not in large groups of people. Source: cdc.gov

T.H.E. Show will still adhere to the mask mandate until we receive information from the appropriate agencies local to the venue that this may change.


In Brief
We understand this year’s show may be a bit different. Not withstanding, we are committed to putting on a fun and safe show for you all and are excited that so many of you, attendees, exhibitors, and press alike, have already booked your rooms and purchased your tickets to participate. We are grateful for your continued support, and we in turn, are grateful you have put your trust in us to continue supporting the audio industry and community.

We look forward to seeing you all at T.H.E. Show 2021, June 11 - 13, at the Hilton, Long Beach, CA.


For further info: to T.H.E. Show website

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