Takatsuki's TA-S01 first power amp available for export


From the Web | Takatsuki released not so recently their first own integrated amplifier TA-S01, supplied with their regular production of well known 300B and 274B tubes. It comes with some vey distinctive and unique features like knobs to adjust harmonic content, selector for different combinations of coupling and bypass caps, bypass power caps knob and bias adjustment knob. Export price is around 50,000 USD, TBD.

Model number: TA-S01
External dimensions: 439×301×240mm WxDxH excluding projections
Mass: 28kg
Input: RCA pin jack stereo, 2 systems (Direct input×1, AC coupling input×1)
Impedance output/input: 4, 8, 16ohms / 100kohms
Amplifier type: 3-stage amplification, single amplifier
Vacuum tube used: 12AU7×4 , TA-300B×2
Power supply Department TA-274B×1
Output transformer: Tamura F-2007A×2

Product features
Takatsuki original vacuum tube TA-300B It use rectifying tube TA-274B
Suitable for the High-Resolution era

Broadband amplifier 10Hz~50kHz
New function to adjust amplifier characteristics
It supports 4, 8 and 16ohms as impedance of the speakers
A pilot lamp flashes on and off until a power supply stands up and can confirm the state

Takatsuki TA-S01

Function/Effect scheme
Harmonic content / Adjust the depth of the tone quality
Coupling/Bypass capacitor / Select tone quality
Bypass Power capacitor / Adjust the sound of the bass


For commercial info: contact here MuSon Project, Inc.

For further info: to Takatsuki website page

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