Test case for cables on ReMusic


We started the adventure of ReMusic with few clear ideas in our mind. One of these was: we will never make any test about connection cables. Like all the clear ideas, with the passing of time, also this one has become clouded and has been replaced by the firm belief that we should given a definitive lashing to the making of such vituperated and chatted tests on the connection cables.


Actually, we think that all the connection cables are passive components behaving in an active way when inserted in a system. No one can deny that it is possible to attribute, to any typology of connection cables, therefore to any electric conducer, some electric values related to Resistance, Capacitance and Inductance also considering that, in the alternating current (AC), the sum of capacitance and inductance is the Impedance. Such values, stated or not by the manufacturer, have an electric influence on the performances of the devices that are connected. The result is that, most probably, the same connection cable could offer a different sound outcome depending on the electric characteristics of the devices. A trivial although exhaustive example could be the calculation of the capacitance values of the cables that connect the MM cartridges to the phono preamps. Such calculation is necessary to make the exact electric connection and for a good sound performance of the analogue sources. In this case, the "good" cable is the cable that owns the exact electric characteristics even though it does not have to be considered the best cable in the world!


We can therefore support the reasonable relativity of the opinion that the reviewer has on the quality of a certain cable. I have not say wrong evaluation, but reasonable relativity of his evaluation, since the connection cable has got for sure the result written by the reviewer after the inclusion in his own and specific audio system.


At this point, ReMusic has decided to start a difficult and daring journey to convey and share an overall judgment or, better, several overall judgments founded on the several systems owned by our collaborators.


Indeed, we will adopt a test case for the connection cables that is quite original and, alas, also quite demanding and prolonged. The core of this method is that a full line of cables provided by the manufacturer is tested by all our collaborators, each of them will express his judgment on the sound outcome. In this way, ReMusic readers have at their disposal a range of sound/quality opinions basically founded on the systems of our collaborators.


This method does not pretend to be exhaustive but it is meant to be more complete than the single test made by one reviewer only.


Hence, we are sure to reach a triple result:

  • a more complete judgment
  • a better service to the reader
  • a better divulgation.

We are going to start with the White Gold cables, but I want to anticipate that more companies than expected intend to adhere to our approach method to test the connection cables.



by Roberto
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