The DIY Sony VFET amplifier


Press release | It's been a difficult year for many diyAudio members around the world. We hope you and your loved ones are safe and happy wherever they are, and that if you have been visiting diyAudio that this journey has been filled with projects to keep you busy in your audiophile pursuits.

Here's some great news to go with the light that's emerging at the end of this tunnel.

As part of Nelson Pass celebrating 20 years at diyAudio – and his jab! – he's just published a new article, the DIY Sony VFET Part 1. What's more, thanks to his boundless generosity the diyAudio Store has 180 DIY Sony VFET stereo amplifier kits – including the VFETs! – being readied to go out to some very lucky diyAudio members.

It doesn't stop there.


The DIY Sony VFET amplifier

This limited production of kits is being offered at-cost by Nelson and diyAudio to say thank you for everyone's participation and contributions to the diyAudio community over the last 20 years. It is expected a small profit will be made, 100% of which will be donated and split between the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

The kit includes everything you need to build the amplifier except solder and tools. Jim – 6L6 – is doing one of his legendary step-by-step build guides.

So. The important question. How much? Grab a chair...

Parts kit – including VFETs! – $259
Chassis $259, or
Complete kit $499
Prices exclude shipping; chassis ships from Italy; parts ship from the USA.

There's expected to be more demand than there are units available, so we're running a lottery to keep things fair. To enter the lottery just make a post in the lottery entry thread at 8PM UTC on April 7th – 1PM PDT, 4PM EDT. The lottery thread will only be open for a 15 minute window, so you'll need to set your alarm clock.

Where now?

Read and discuss in the DIY Sony VFET Part 1 Discussion Thread
Learn more about how to get one in the DIY Sony VFET Information Page on the diyAudio Store
Many thanks to Nelson, Mark, Jim, Dana, Andrea and Patrick for their contributions to making this project a reality.



In other news...

You haven't heard much from us on the diyAudio community side of things recently, but a lot has been happening in the background.

We've started our project to migrate the diyAudio community to a new and better discussion platform, called XenForo. Our current forum software is no longer supported, so we have to upgrade. Work began this week and we are planned to be live on the new platform by August.

While we're doing that we will need to email you a few more times. Rest assured that as usual, we'll keep that to the necessary minimum.

Please bear with us as we make this upgrade to keep your diyAudio community operational and improve and modernize its features.


For further info: to the diyAudio Store website

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