The High End Society welcomes Qobuz


Press release | On 1st November 2019, the company Qobuz was accepted into the High End Society e.V., an Association for High Quality Audio and Video Reproduction, as a new member. Qobuz is the association’s 60th member company and its first member from this specific area of the music industry offering streaming and download services.


Jürgen Timm, Chairman of the Board of the High End Society e.V.

“We are delighted to welcome Qobuz to our community. The high quality of the content available from Qobuz – 24-bit high-resolution audio streaming and downloads – is an outstanding addition to the association High End Society e.V., the membership structure of which was previously characterised by manufacturers and distributors of high-quality consumer electronics. I personally am looking forward to positive and successful cooperation with the company in our work as an association”, states Jürgen Timm, Chairman of the Board of the High End Society e.V.


Benoît Rebus, Head of Global Innovative Partnerships at Qobuz

Benoît Rebus, Head of Global Innovative Partnerships at Qobuz, is pleased to have been accepted into the association: “After already presenting our company as an exhibitor at the HIGH END show in Munich for several years, we are delighted to have now finally joined the High End Society e.V. in order to support and promote top-quality listening experiences together with a strong partner. We are proud to work together with the German industry to accelerate the growth of the digital music market.”

About Qobuz
Qobuz, which is based in Paris, is a French online music streaming and download company that offers its service in France, in ten other European countries (Austria, Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland) and in the USA. Qobuz was the first service worldwide to enable streaming in CD quality 16-bit/44.1 kHz. Qobuz was also the first website in the world to work with producers, both major and independent, to develop an
industrialised process that enables files to be provided in 24-bit Hi-Res quality. These files now comprise a significant catalogue. Qobuz is additionally the first service worldwide to provide its customers with 24-bit Hi-Res streaming. Its music catalogue currently contains around 40 million tracks. In 2018, Qobuz claimed to offer the world’s largest selection of albums in high-resolution 24-bit quality, namely a total of approximately 170,000 albums.

About the High End Society
The High End Society e.V. is the Association for High Quality Audio and Video Reproduction. We see ourselves as ambassadors of high fidelity which reproduces sound and images faithfully at the highest possible level. Our aim is to convince people that the enjoyment of good music and first-class images is only possible with high-end quality products.
The association’s members are manufacturers and distributors of sophisticated high-end equipment. The High End Society represents the shared professional interests of its members in relation to social, economic and other facilities. The association is also corporately linked to other organisations and is involved in legisla- tive forums by participating both at a national level and at the level of the European Union.
The High End Society has organised the HIGH END special exhibition annually for over 30 years, which has emerged as the world’s most important trade fair in the field of high-quality consumer electronics. In addition, the High End Society runs further event series in Germany and Europe.



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to QUOBUZ website

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