Ubsound launches its new Multico Series


Press release | With a robust international presence in the High-End industry of more than 65 countries worldwide, the Italian Ubsound launches its new Multico Series: the very first multi-coaxial high-end bass reflex loudspeaker with 3 front independent drivers and 1 underlying independent driver towards the floor.
Ubsound constantly works in research & development with the aim of improving its loudspeakers engineering, in order to generate a perfect and complete soundstage.
For this reason indeed, during this new loudspeakers design phase, another variable was studied: the adaptation to the environment in which the loudspeakers are positioned.
Each Multico ML68 loudspeaker is equipped with 4 independent 2-way dynamic coaxial drivers with a total power of 400W per channel at 8 ohm impedance.


Ubsound Multico


Its sophisticated sound propagation occurs in 2 different macro directions:

  • the 3 front drivers propagate an astonishing sound, with a broad directional spectrum, very rich, full of acoustic details and uniform towards the audiophile listener
  • the underlying driver, with an acoustic axis perfectly perpendicular to the floor, is able to enrich the acoustic propagation due to the rebound resonances, thus reaching the perfect acoustic scene that envelops the audiophile listener.

“The peculiarity of a 2-way dynamic coaxial driver that generates sound towards the floor allows a complete acoustic image since the low, medium-low, medium-high and high frequencies are smoothed and softened by the refraction on the floor surface, reaching the complete acoustic scene in a reflex way together with the synergy of the 3 front coaxial drivers for a real perfect soundstage” declares Marzio Gasparro, CEO of Ubsound Group.

Due to the exclusive HDNSS audio technology and the multi-coaxial design of this amazing loudspeaker, its acoustic signature is extremely genuine, coherent and natural reproducing the sound in the environment during playback. The result is a truly perfect soundstage unique in the world, with
an impressive quality of sound details in the vocal-instrumental separation, natural and complete using only 2 loudspeakers in a classic 2-channel high-end setting.
The new Multico Series is available with the ML68 floor standing tower model, with an astonishing finishing in matt satin black colour that perfectly match with any home furniture design.
The Multico launching price point is 15,000 USD pair.

Each driver is equipped with an L-shaped outer ring made of sound-absorbing wood.
The ring has the specific function of damping the passive concentric waves generated by any lateral vibrations of the driver during playback.
The wooden ring external finishing is the same of the entire loudspeaker body.

Ubsound Multico

“All the details are studied to obtain a pure sound without vibrations that could disturb the acoustic naturalness” declares Marzio Gasparro.

The Multico ML68 handcrafted loudspeakers are equipped with specific feet in reinforced PVC and TPU. The inside of the feet is enhanced by a steel core to minimize vibrations and firmly support the structure and their shape is conical and flared. The synergy of these two factors allows the correct propagation of the acoustic waves generated by the coaxial dynamic driver set in the bottom of the loudspeaker.

“The engineering and development of this new premium loudspeaker required huge investments in terms of timing and related costs. I’m very proud of the amazing results achieved with this model, as a consequence, some of the latest features & engineering improvements created with the Multico Series have been implemented also on the new version of the FEEL and Velvet Series already available for purchase” declares Marzio Gasparro.

The new Feel Series 2022 maintains the four fascinating glossy colors Elegant Black, Pure White, Sport Red and Fashion Yellow available in two versions: FL32 bookshelf or stand 6,000 USD / pair and FL38 floor standing tower 8,000 USD / pair.
The new Velvet Series 2022 adopts the extraordinary and unique matt satin deep Black color available in two versions: VL42 bookshelf or stand 8,000 USD / pair and VL48 floor standing tower 10,000 USD / pair.

Ubsound has always been at the forefront also in the online sales approach to its clients. With this in mind, the company decided to integrate the cryptocurrency payments system.
“The online consumer shopping behaviors are constantly evolving and here at Ubsound we want to provide the high-level worldwide customer with an increasingly complete shopping experience. For this reason, in addition to standard payments, we decided to introduce the possibility of paying in cryptocurrency such as, for example, Bitcoin" concludes Marzio Gasparro. 


About Ubsound
Ubsound Group is an Italian company specialized in audio products, founded in 2011 in Milan city. The company’s core business is focused on high-end premium handmade loudspeakers, which are designed in Milan and Made in Italy. Ubsound invests most of its resources in research & development, with deep passion for audio since 2011.


For further info: to Ubsound website

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