Updated DSD version of Saracon


Press release | We recently updated our Saracon sampling frequency converter software. The DSD version of Saracon is now able to handle both .dsf and .dff file formats. And this latest version is working with MacOS Catalina. Saracon customers can download  the latest versions from here.

If you would like to upgrade your standard Saracon to Saracon-DSD drop me a note here. If you would like to test Saracon you may send me some sample files for conversion according to your requirements.

EQ1 and DS1: check the battery in your units
Our Gambit Series EQ1 and DS1 units have a built-in rechargeable battery. That battery can leak after some years of usage. The leaking fluid in turn can damage the printed circuit board. We now use super caps instead of a battery. I suggest to check the battery in your unit(s) and preferably replace it with a super cap. The battery is located on the top board and is green. A super cap which is suited is e.g. this one.

It is a 1.5 Farad / 5.5V type. Note, the cap is polarized:

Weiss EQ1 and DS1 battery units

The plus terminal of the battery is the one which has two pins. The minus terminal has just one pin. Make absolutely sure the polarity is right. If you need to keep the snapshots you have stored in the EQ1/DS1 unit then store them in the internal backup storage before exchanging the battery. Once the super cap is in place you may need to run the unit for an hour or so to fully charge the cap.


DS1 and EQ1 are now available as plug-in versions


DS1 and EQ1 are now available as plug-in versions
You may know that the DS1 and EQ1 units are now available as plug-in versions, made by the Softube company in cooperation with us. In addition there are other plug-ins which are derived from the DS1 / EQ1 plug-ins. For an overview see here.



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