Vermöuth Audio Red Velvet speaker cables and Black Pearl MK2 interconnect cables

Cavi Vermouth Audio
Cavi Vermouth Audio

It was a hectic day like many others, when I received a phone call from the Chief Editor Castelli who asked me: “Hello Mauro, may I come to bring you some good Vermöuth?”.What? I do not like drinking, so I asked him back: “Who’s the party?” “Go ‘way! –he says –I am talking about good cables to be tested.”


He comes with something looking like a red piton. The Vermöuth Audio Red Velvet are three meters of concentrated technology in a speaker cable wrapped in a gift pack. There is also a pair of interconnect cables in a nice black pearly coat, which name reminds me the film Pirates of the Caribbean, Black Pearl MK2.


Let’s start again. The Vermöuth Audio company is based in Indonesia, Bali, and is captained by Hendry Ramli, promoter and designer of great cables. And not only that. In the catalogue, we can find also two mini bookshelf loudspeakers, an integrated amplifier and several connectors for cables.


How do these cables perform? Beautiful at first sight. Elegant, charming. I dare to say well performing. I start from the speaker cables- the Red Velvet - that interface between amplifier and loudspeakers. They have a length of three meters and the manufacture is exceptional. The connectors are thermos-welded. The manufacture is called 9 AWG Hybrid Multi Size UPOCC, practically a kind of cold forging that assures an amazing sound and a 3D image. A great cable with termination in Rhodium plated tellurium banana plugs and air tubes between the conductors to eliminate cross talk and absorbing external vibrations.


The cables, for audiophiles and Hi-Fi reviewers are like strongboxes. Since you cannot open them, you are forced to use only your ears to express a judgment on their sound.


Let’s talk about the interconnect cable. Fine, black, very good terminations. Its task is to carry the signal from the CD player to the preamp or from the preamp to the power amp. Few centimeters and rarely meters of geometry, that make the word sound. They are the joining link of our system.


The Black Pearl MK2 is the compact top of the range. Like all the cables of Vermöuth Audio, it has a multi size OCC conductor wrapped in high quality teflon insulation. Purity, state-of-the-art manufacture and materials.


Connected to my system and in several configurations, the outcome has been remarkable considered that also my cables are of good quality. The image is always in focus and the wind instruments have gained from these cables. The pizzicato of the guitars and the piano have become bodied. One more thing: the Red Velvet interfaced with A DIY OTL, was performing stronger than with my reference cable. This because the OTL has a primary role on the load impedance and, presumably, this cable has a higher impedance than my usual cables.


Now I want to tell you how they perform. Without any doubt, I can affirm: “Very good!”. Nevertheless, you do not have to buy a cable without testing it before. A good system requires a good cable, but proportionated to your judgment.


Any miracles? I do not think that the company wants to do miracles. I am quite sure, though, that when I tell you the price you want to buy them. If compared with the competitors they are quite for free and you will be surely satisfied.


Official technical specifications:

Red Velvet Speaker Cable -

- 9AWG Hybrid Multi size UPOCC Conductor with unique geometry

- Cold Forging Termination Rhodium Plated Tellurium Banana Plug & Spade Connector

- Air Tube to make spacing between the conductors to eliminate cross talk and absorbing internal vibration

- Noise Rejection Paper Warp & Soft Stranded Cotton to protect cable from interference

- Very Flexible 19mm diameter Cable Jacket

Black Pearl MK2 - solid core and multi size OCC conductor wrapped in high quality teflon insulation

Official Italian dealer: to Vermöuth Audio website

Official current price in Italy: Black Pearl MkII interconnect cables, 340.00 USD per pair of 1m

Red Velvet speaker cables 475.00 USD per pair of 1,8m

Associated equipment: to Mauro "OutliNero" Simolo's system

by Mauro
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