WBT launched PlasmaProtect surface treatment


Press release | Connectors and contacts are generally made from copper or brass. In order to ensure reliable transmission of signals, very high requirements apply with regard to the inherent purity. Any corrosion should be avoided at all costs.


In order to protect against corrosion, contacts are coated with precious metal, generally gold. Around the world, this is done by all manufacturers of connectors almost exclusively using the commonly known electroplating technology.


In order to ensure purity, which also contributes to long-term corrosion resistance, Worldwide WBT is the first manufacturer to replace electroplating technology with the significantly more precise PVD - Physical Vapor Deposition technology as the gold-plating method for connectors. This new nanotechnology will successively replace the older electroplating technology at WBT.


WBT PlasmaProtect



The PVD plasma process enables a physical fine gold plating, without chemicals. The result is a permanently homogeneous material bond which allows for broadband signal transmission which can be precisely reproduced over the long term in connectors.


Using the PVD technology, pure gold is atomically bonded by the Van der Waals forces to the surface of the contacts and is thus inextricably attached. The result is a closed, chemically dense and hard surface with a defined crystalline structure.


WBT PlasmaProtect

Fig. Prof. C. Burkhardt, HS Pforzheim


Furthermore, in contrast to electroplating, the gold layer has no chemical inclusions / defects and is non-porous. These three factors raise the contact quality to a higher level. They therefore achieve improved signal transmission and guarantee hitherto unattained long-term stability.


WBT PlasmaProtect


The key points


  1. The surface has a defined crystalline structure: his allows for a precise broadband signal flow
  2. It is pure, tightly sealed, and non-porous: that means good corrosion-resistance
  3. It is thin but flawless, hard, and at the same time flexible: that makes it scratch and abrasion-resistant
  4. And it can be reliably precisely reproduced…

Environmentally friendly - economical

  • Gold is used in thin film nanotechnology
  • The energy consumption is >25% lower compared to electroplating
  • The PVD plasma process is environmentally neutral, no toxic electroplating baths

Economy - Existing jobs are secured through innovative production processes and products. This creates good and sustainable growth opportunities in their own country compared to global competition.


WBT PlasmaProtect



For further info:

to WBT website

download here the WBT Short portrait

download here the WBT Magazin 2019

download here the WBT Product overview

download here the WBT Ecological change in technology

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