White Gold Stradivari Reference cables

White Gold Stradivari Reference
White Gold Stradivari Reference

The most usually accepted thesis on the audio cables says that they can just deduct and, in any case, they reduce the original electric signal. This theory has always puzzled me. It does not explain why some cables can accentuate specific frequency ranges and can attenuate others. Furthermore, some cables are balanced on the entire spectrum and maybe make the system sounds louder. The concept of original electric signal should be studied thoroughly, otherwise, without a precise connection, the thesis is debatable. I want to add that also the devices for measurements use cables. So what we need is a “perfect” cable where the electric signal passes through entirely, without any change. Now, this “perfect” cable does not exist and cannot exist at least without operating at zero temperature, in conditions of super-conductivity, but also in this way, the absence of outer interferences cannot be assured. Anyway, the White Gold Stradivari Reference cables, object of this article, are very close to what we can define the “perfect” cable. An outcome with a price, though, that here is quite important.


Aesthetic and functions

The making of the cables is artisanal and aesthetically they are not so extraordinary. Usually I do not care, since the cable disappear once connected to the system. However, considering their cost…

There is sound substance, the most important thing together with reliability, functionality of the connectors and maneuverability. Lots of it. The thicknesses are not very exasperated and the flexibility is quite good so that the assemblage in the system is quite simple. Some problems may arise with light components, like small DACs or small phono preamps, since the quite heavy weight of the cables could cause unbalancing and unwanted movements. In any case, it is quite improbable that such objects can be matched to this kind of cables. Besides, you can make the light components heavier with suitable weights or anti-slipping feet.



All the three typologies, that is: mains, interconnect and speakers cables, perform very well. The system gains in expansion of the scene on the three sound stages. The frequency range becomes wider both upwards and downwards. The intelligibility improves and the dynamics accentuates itself, with very fast attacks and correct releases. The synergy and the complementarity of the three typologies is great and the results are amazing. I have never had such results as for presence and “palpability” of the musical event. The three typologies, taken singularly, perform always well, but the overall performance depends on what else is in the system. The mains cables behave well with solid state amps, lesser with tube amps. I do not want to make comparisons, but I cannot complain of all my reference configurations – less expensive than the White Gold - even after having listened to one of the maximum expression of audio cables. Anyway, cables which price is less expensive than the WG do not perform so different and can give very fulfilling listening experiences. But, if you are looking for the absolute performance…



The White Gold represent the cost no object logic. No objection to the cost although there is no logic on the quality/price ratio. My system performs at best with these cables, but I am pretty sure that it will perform even better if, with the same money, I had buy better electronic components. Here is the point. The owners of extreme systems would not speculate as I do. For the majority of the other people, the White Gold cables remain a dream. I am very happy because I have had the chance to listen to them and because they exist. They got me an idea of what the audio cables can do. In any case, they are too far from my economic choices.



Official Italian dealer: to Extreme Audio website

Official current price in Italy:

1.5m mains cables with Oyaide golden connectors: 3,390.00 EUR

1.5m interconnect cables with RCA connector: 3,090.00 EUR

2.5m mono-wiring speakers cables with golden spade connectors: 6,280.00 euro

Associated equipment: to Fabio "Puzzled" Barbato's system


by Fabio
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