With Elly Audio there's a new brand in town


Press Release | Dear Magazine, Kind Publisher, with sincere pleasure we want you let know new hi fi Brand’s birth: Elly Audio.


From a starting idea of Ian Theo De Pagie, a belgium businessman since childhood Music Belover and loving Italian design, Elly Audio is the achievement of almost two years long of technical collaboration with famous and multi-awarded Italian loudspeakers manufacturer Ars Aures Audio, which was requested to design first Elly Audio product: Elly Loudspeaker.


Wholly handcrafted by Italian ebanists, Elly loudspeaker respresents the genuine state of the art about small size loudspeakers... and not only. With height of just 40 centimeters and a gorgeous look, superbly finished in four stunning colors, with same automotive paints choosen by the most luxurious supercar Brands (Lamborghini, Aston Martin, etc.), Elly loudspeaker appears as a two-ways pure technical design, with first order entirely hand made crossover with ultra selected components, 1” titanium dome tweeter and 5” mid-woofer paper cone treated. High end interior wiring from Kimber cable. Wbt binding posts. No compromise elements. Elly loudspeaker is a perfect example of technique and Italian design, able to wonder listener with its unbelievable naturalness & balance, conveying rhythm and musical precision, right proportions of musical instruments, lot of details. A perfect bridge between live event and musical reproduction.


Initially, Elly loudspeaker will be available only trough Kickstarter’s crowdfunding platform, to this related link.



For further info

download here the Elly loudspeaker brochure

to Elly Audio website

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