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News and Events

Bang & Olufsen targets growing integrated home technology market at Integrated Systems Europe show


Only on rare occasions, Chet Baker and Bill Evans recorded together...

Omega Audio Concepts CDP The Stream

Theoretical limit and space-time event: only by keeping this two concepts in mind we can understand this extreme music machine.


A very particular floorstander. It can surely surprise and entertain with its classy sound, an unexpectedly big, rhythmical and deep sound, especially whether related to its physical features.

News and Events

And our still insanely beautiful Stern and Heisenberg will also play for you.

News and Events

£300 off the award winning FH007 speaker / amp system.


The Leonardo Bros., Aldo Zaninello and Daniele Coen, designers of the Leonardo Speakers, speak openly of their creations: ribbon loudspeakers capable of 20 real Hz.

News and Events

The Dutch based manufacturer of High End Audio products "goes America".

News and Events

Founded in 1995, AVID are an exclusively British Hi-Fi engineering company, leading the charge for quality in
mechanical design, and construction.


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