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Press release | Amsterdam : Artist Kostas Metaxas was dreaming of the most spectacular architecture, design and sculpture and wanted to bring that emotional intensity, daring and seductive beauty to an audio system. As a recording engineer, Metaxas also wanted to “voice it” for extremely realistic recording playback, to be able to reproduce all the nuance and emotion of a musical performance. Then, it true “Bugatti fashion”, Kostas or his sins; either Andreas or Alessandros Metaxas, assemble every object.

Metaxas & Sins GQT

1. Open Reel Tape Machine built like a Swiss Watch : The GQT Portable Recording Device No.1
There is no doubt that the absolute best "source" for reproduced music is analogue tape recorded on 10" reels at 15ips. The same analogue tape reel-to-reel recorders are also the absolute best way to record and capture music [concert recording].
This is a fact not open for discussion and is responsible for the incredible resurrgence in interest in Open Reel Analogue Tape Recorders. The High End Audio industry has embraced and acknowledged this over the past 10 years.
Fueled by this recent interest, Kostas has decided to produce an entirely new tape machine based heavily on the portable Stellavox SM8 recorder which has even received the blessing of Stellavox founder Georges Quellet.
The Metaxas & Sins "GQT" [Georges Quellet Tribute] is a portable analogue tape machine designed for ultimate location recording and playback duties. Biased for either 468 or 911 1/4" analogue tape, it will operate only at 15ips using a brushless DC motor in a puremechanical operation. In other words, it will be built like a large Swiss mechanical watch mechanism - absolutely no logic/computer control hardware will be employed.
The circuits will also be using 100% discrete transistors and parts similar to construction from the 1960's to early 1970's before all Tape recorders started using Logic controls and 5534 op-amps.
The result will be a "kinetic art object" which will happen to record and play analogue tape.

Metaxas & Sins Perambulator

2. Turntable : The Phonographic Perambulator with Titanium Combobulator Tonearm
The Metaxas PP1 uses a sensuous organic shape which is non-mirror image, CNC’d from a block of solid 6061 aircraft grade aluminium [or Titanium] to eliminate the usual reflections and refractions of resonances inherent in all turntables constructed from pure geometric shapes.
Metaxas constructs round platter in such a way that the boundary between the lathe-turned aluminium base has organic undulations connecting it to a dedicated acrylic platter mat.
A belt-drive system featuring the most avanced Swiss Maxon motor rotates the platter without adding any external speed variations.

Metaxas & Sins Combobulator

Phono pickup combobulator - Despite looking like a sculpture, there’s a lot of serious engineering in this arm:
1. 100% Titanium construction
2. Underswept Organic Counterweight - which not only accomodates a bigger range of cartridge weights, but decreases the moment of inertia of the arm by keeping the weight closer to the pivot point.
3. Titanium pivots [polished] into sapphire jewel bearings - adjustable [hex key]
4. Titanium tube with varying diameter fuse-welded to headshell/pivot.
5. Weight balance in line with cartridge cantilever.
6. 10, 12 or 14 inch tube at no extra cost.
7. Open sculpted headshell for ease of mount and connection [and weight reduction] with built in finger lift.

Metaxas & Sins Sirens

3. Speakers : The Sirens
With more than a passing reference to Homer’s Odyssey, the apt metaphor is testimony to the sheer musicality and realism that allows this potent 3-way monitor, CNC carved from a block of solid aluminium [or titanium] to engage and captivate with its sound and invigorate the mind with it’s voluptuous sculptural aesthetic.
Using ideas borrowed from Neumann TLM 50 and M150 microphones, the SIREN embeds the Accuton drivers
into spheres mounted onto an organic “time-aligned” sculpture. Despite the unique and unusual shape, the design is a seriously engineered, no-compromise loudspeaker with emphasis on absolute
sound quality.
Accuton ceramic drivers are used in some of the most expensive systems currently available, but it’s only when you marry them to a curvacious, inert, machined “body” that you can really hear - and probably for the first time, appreciate, their lightning speed and neutrality.
CNC allows us to sculpt a shape with incredible rigidity, in a much smaller form factor than is possible with other materials and at the same time, minimize bass difraction whilst maximizing internal volume for an ideal and extended bass response.

Metaxas & Sins The Opus Zaha

4. Pre-Amplifier : The Opus "Zaha"
An aesthetic engineering triumph, the OPUS preamplifier is the first example of "moulage" or draping with solid aluminium on an imaginary mannequin. The folds and drapes are impossibly sculpted using a 5 axis CNC machine. This organic, non-geometric form, allows a perfect evacuation of all chassis microvibrations.
Electrically, the OPUS is the direct result of an intense 35 years fascination with music recording and reproduction to perfect the most transparent, reference calibre “monitoring” preamplifier to complement both the finest domestic audio playback & professional recording systems in the world.



For further info: click here for Metaxas website

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