Fully assembled Trio10 Voxativ special limited pilot offer


Press release | Grab your PureAudioProject loudspeakers already assembled.


Why pilot offer?

We get more and more requests to provide fully assembled speakers and we therefore decided to make a pilot, and the Trio10 Voxativ was chosen for this task. The main reasons for choosing this choice are:

it’s musicality, deep and extremely coherent bass, full sonic body, clarity and finesse make it a superb performer in all genres and for medium and even small rooms

it’s small size allows us for the first time to handle the packaging and shipping of a fully assembled speaker with minimum complexities and risks

we simply believe that this model is one of a kind, as possible music and audio fans to cross the bridge and experience it


Special limited pilot offer

Availability: 5 sets only

Piano gloss finishing: Black or White

Special pilot price: $4,990 / pair, free shipping in the US

Shipping Worldwide: $300

List price: $5,990, you save $1,000, prices are excl. VAT

Shipping: from PureAudioProject, IOWA, US, during December 2018


What customers say about Trio10 Voxativ and Trio10?

  • “Just finished assembly my Trio 10 Voxativ. Can’t stop listening to music now…”
  • “BTW. The Trio 10 Voxativ is really amazing. Once completed the assembly, I wanted to compare the performance with my current speaker. However after listened to Trio 10 for 10 minutes, I knew no need to do the comparison. The Trio 10 won hands down.”, Customer, Hong Kong
  • “First thing that really surprised me was the bass, I did not expect that… the other thing is the clarity of the sound, and they are barely even breaked-in… the other thing is that it fills the entire room… that is truly amazing!”, Trio10 Timeless Owner
  • “After 300 plus hours playing a variety of music it has gone through another transformation. The Trio10 Timeless plays music with an uncanny sense of realism. It never seizes to amaze me. I’ve always appreciated open baffle bass, but I have never heard this kind or amount of bass from an open baffle speaker before ! The bass is open, relaxed, and impactful. The Timeless should have no trouble turning doubters into believers…”, Trio10 Timeless Owner
  • “Continue to be amazed by these speakers. They are really starting to sweeten up. The Trio10Beyma speakers deserve to be in Stereophile or Absolute Sound… Thanks for everything!”, Trio10Beyma Owner


For further info: to PureAudioProject website

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