Get the best bass/profit ratio with Elura subwoofer


Press release | Once you try Elura Red Label subwoofers, you won’t be disappointed. To prove it Wave Electronics is offering 20% off one Elura Red Label subwoofer to try them out.

Available in single driver, SUBR8 and SUBR10, with woven Kevlar cone and up to 230 watts. Or try the triple Kevlar driver, TRI-SUBR8 and TRI-SUBR10. Elura’s most powerful subwoofer plays extremely low at 24Hz and up to 500 watts.

Whether listening to music or watching your favorite movie, Elura Red Label subwoofers deliver incredibly low, powerful bass in any room:

  • 2 Years warranty
  • High dealer margin
  • Not sold online

Contact us today to try them out for yourself and get 20% off one Elura Red Label subwoofer: guaranteed to outperform the subwoofers that you are using today.


For further info: to Wave Electronics website

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