Metrum Acoustics Ambre is shipping now


Press release | We have been exhibiting our fine line of audio products during the High End show in Munich, which was an enormous success! This event also marked the introduction of the AMBRE, our ROON Labs certified Digital Bridge!

The AMBRE is already shipping, and the first reviews are coming in. The overall vibe is more than great, especially as the AMBRE not only contributes to the bridging between any device holding or streaming music and a Digital to Analog Converter, but also contributes to a pristine sound image. The digital clocks used and the way we power the circuit boards is spectacular and will present to you one powerful solution to play ROON.

As for the High End show in Munich, it did please us meeting so many of you, receiveing great compliments, and answering your questions on existing and new products, that we feel even more encouraged to develop the best products out there! Thank you for stopping by on behalf of the whole team!


Metrum Acoustics Q1

Besides that the AMBRE is scoring high, pre orders of the FLINT, our entry level Digital to Analog Converter comes to an end soon, as we will start shipping very soon. This little device is more than attractive in terms of price/quality and will be a wonderful companion in every household where a marvelous sound is desired!

Throughout the next months we will slowly but surely release a couple of more new products, products our clients have been asking for, and these new products all contribute to making our presence in the market even stronger and more compelling.


Metrum Acoustics headquarters

As we keep moving fast at Metrum Acoustics we also have moved into our new global headquarters in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. At the moment we are very busy moving our assembly line from one place to another, which may have caused some delays in deliveries, but a move is never a good time and it had to happen. We now have our sales and marketing office close to our manufacturing which slowly starts to pay off. Short lines, more influence and swift deliveries. With this, the growth pains slowly dissappear and it allows us to increase our production capacity.


For further info: to Metrum Acoustics website

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