Audionet at the next High End show with an ultimate series integrated amp


Press release | Our much acclaimed top-of-the-line machines Heisenberg and Stern will get company! Be prepared to meet an integrated amp redefining the whole category: the sensational Humboldt. Hereby we most warmly invite you to visit Audionet on the High End show 2018 from 10th to 13th of May 2018 in Munich, Germany.
Our still insanely beautiful Stern and Heisenberg will play for you on the speakers Lincoln Cheng of Audiotechnique used for his review calling them “absolutely the best of transistor amplifiers today”.
Come celebrate the winning team with us – Absolute Sound's editors' choices, Stereophile recommended component, National Design Award of the USA, to name but a few – at the High End 2018 in our Atrium 3/Showroom C121and in our Science Lounge at dealer/press center F001:

  • a new Über-Amp in the ultimate highend series, designed by the legendary Hartmut Esslinger of Apple and Audionet fame.
  • maybe, just maybe, a first glimpse at our new Über-CD-player
  • Planck, Watt and Ampere - the serial winners of the latest shows from our ultra-highend series, plus Sam 20SE
  • all proudly and thoroughly handmade in Berlin, Germany – by our very dedicated staff

We are sure that we will continue to enthrall and impress you! Looking forward to seeing you in Munich.



For further info: to the Audionet website

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