AmbiSonic Systems launches new Immersive HD Landscape Series


Press release | The Immersive HD Landscape Series, Model 6.5HD-AW-L loudspeakers deliver the ultimate in High Definition audio for any landscape or outdoor environment. Featuring a 6” Planar Magnetic Ribbon and a 6.5” woofer in a true coaxial configuration producing a perfectly symmetrical coverage pattern and lower distortion due to the alignment’s acoustic filter effect. Resulting in an evenly dispersed, audiophile-quality sound even at the highest output levels. The compact, trapezoidal all weather, molded composite enclosure with an “IP-65” rating has been designed to withstand the most severe outdoor conditions. The Model 10HDR-AW “All-Weather” Subwoofer is the perfect compliment to our award winning 6.5HD-AW-L Loudspeakers, delivering the punch, impact and clean tight bass necessary for outdoor installations. Coupled with our powerful Model D3200 amplifier featuring three (3) channels and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for fine tuning of loudspeakers to their environment. Outdoor entertainment areas will come alive with unparalleled clarity and detailed sound.



For further info: to AmbiSonic Systems website

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