The Dynaco ST-70 Series 3 tube amplifier is now shipping


Press release | Vancouver, BC - Dynaco (a division of Radial Engineering Ltd.) is pleased to announce the ST-70 Series 3 tube amplifier is now shipping.
The ST-70 builds upon the proven design philosophies of the original David Hafler-designed Stereo 70, with contemporary design techniques resulting in exceptional performance improvements that meet the requirements of modern audiophiles. The ST-70 provides 35 watts per channel and is switchable between both 4 and 8 Ohm outputs, with Class-A push-pull stereo topography that has long been characterized as a reliable design with exceptional audio quality.


Dynaco ST-70 Series 3

This latest rendition has seen a substantially overhauled power supply from the original version, employing a larger dual-primary power transformer with improved line regulation, increased filter capacitance, and a solid-state rectifier that results in a much more articulate response. The redesigned front end of the Series 3 amplifier replaces the obsolete 7199 pentode signal tubes from the original Stereo 70 with more commonly-used 12AU7 dual-triode tubes, while the output stage and EL34/6CA7 output tubes retain the same elements as the original Stereo 70. A set of front-panel recessed trimmers has been provided, allowing the bias adjustment to be fine-tuned for each output tube.
Building on the legacy of David Hafler's enormously successful Stereo 70, the new Dynaco ST-70 incorporates advancements in component quality, improvements to the electronic circuit performance, and an all new exterior design that is sure to please the most demanding audiophile.

MSRP: $2,999.99 USD


Tatiana Kostiak – PR/Communications Radial Engineering Ltd.
1588 Kebet Way, Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 5M5, Canada
Tel. 778-785-0135 - Email



About Hafler-Dynaco
David Hafler's 1950's Dynaco® 'Dynakit®' tube amps like the Stereo 70™ shocked the audio world with affordable true Hi-Fidelity for the masses. The David Hafler company later came to life with a line of Hafler® branded home and studio HiFi components acclaimed for their breakthrough sound quality and exceptional value. In 2014, after over a decade of being dormant, former Hafler distributor Radial Engineering Ltd. purchased the brand and began launching new Hafler products with a mission to live up to the Hafler heritage in every way.

About Radial Engineering Ltd.
Radial Engineering Ltd. is a manufacturer of professional audio products based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The company offers a wide array of products that are sold under brand names such as Radial, Tonebone, Primacoustic, Reamp, Hafler-Dynaco and Jensen Transformers Inc. These are offered through a network of dealers and distributors that span the globe. Quality construction, exceptional audio performance and superb customer service are the underpins that have served to make Radial one of the most respected and trusted brands in the industry.



For further info: to Dynaco website


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