Apertura Audio at the Munich High End show


Press release | Apertura is a French high end loudspeaker brand that has been created in 1978 by Christian Yvon. In 2018, we have celebrated 35 years of passion for music.

Christian Yvon was a former acoustician for Goldmund, Focal, Sonus Faber and many other speaker manufacturers. He began his researches on acoustic more than 40 years ago. In 2009, he has teamed up with Eric Poyer to create a manufacturing facility near Nantes on the west coast of France. Eric has worked many years in a well know High End manufacturer, before creating his own OEM audio company 20 years ago.
We now have a complete range of High End Loudspeakers. From Ariana mkII to Enigma mkII, that will be in demonstration in Munich next week. Two new speakers will complete our range with Sensa and Swing that will be presented in world premiere in our room F204.

Apertura Audio at the Munich High End show

Apertura is a family business type company: it is a small entity, very reactive, where the whole team will have in heart to always realize the perfect loudspeaker. Within this team, Christian is in charge of acoustic design and Eric is making the mechanical design and the production.
The Apertura loudspeakers are handcrafted in France, near Nantes on the west coast. We use very few and tightly selected subcontractors. Cabinets and drive units are rigorously selected among the best, and every other step is made internally, in order to build a high end product: acoustic and mechanical design, drive units test and matching, filter design and manufacture, assembly and final individual tests before packing. We make it a point of honor that every audiophile acquiring an Apertura loudspeaker is highly satisfied when receiving it.
We will warmly welcome you next week, in our room F204-Atrium 4: Please do come in and enjoy a new Apertura experience.



For further info: to Apertura Audio website

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