New top of the line PF100 power amp from Mastersound


Press release | The constant evolution of Mastersound projects has allowed to launch the new top of the line, the PF100.This pair of single ended mono amplifiers reach  the incredible power of 120 W in class A for channel and have very special output transformers wrapped in copper litz.

Mastersound is world famous for his inimitable output transformers, bent manually in his laboratories directly from the hand of his designer Luciano Sanavio, who is able to use the delicate Litz cables with absolute mastery. The resolution of the sound is more refined, airy and focused respect the best known reference. This litz output transformers have large benefits in terms of dynamics and quality of the sound and togheter with the very high power of 120W for channel in class A, allows to reach an absolute level of truth, never so close to the reality.
This pair of mono amps have an accurate one by one selection of best custom made components installed by hand on the typical Mastersound gold board. Was used only high quality silver tin and totally lead-free.
Mastersound with new PF100 has further raised the top hi-fidelity listening level.

We are very pleased to invite you to Munich High End 2018, 10-13 May, visit us Atrium 4.2 room F224, MOC München, Lilienthalallee 40, 80939 München, Germany.



Via Galileo Galilei, 2/2 - 36057 Arcugnano (VI) Italy

Tel. +39 0444 521733 



For further info: to the Mastersound website

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