Omega Audio Concepts and AlsyVox together at the next hifideluxe show in Munich


Press release | We are waiting for you at the hifideluxe 2018 show in Munich on next May 10-11-12th, at the Marriott Hotel, room D Berliner str. 93 Munich 80805.

You'll attend to the European premiere of the Essenziale all-in-one: streamer, DAC and integrated amp.


OAC Essenziale


We will play with:

  • the TIMELESS STREAM CD player
  • the TIMELESS MONO AMP DNA integrated amplifier
  • THE ELEMENT patented cables
  • the MEETING POINT rack
  • the AlsyVox Botticelli and Tintoretto loudspeakers

For further info:

to the Omega Audio Concepts website

to the AlsyVox website

to the hifideluxe website

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