Metrum Acoustics Q1 update and forum


Press release | Throughout Q1 we have been working hard on a lot of new stuff, and most importantly have released the Roon Endpoint we have been working hard on Ambre.


The Ambre as said is a Roon Endpoint through which you can stream all your music content in a comfortable manner. The Ambre comes with the much desired I2S interface, LAN interface, and has everything on board to make it a central point of distribution in your audio chain.

Empowered by Roon, the possibilities are endless, the ability to work with sections or rooms, divert your music to different destinations and all of this with all background information at your fingertips, using the Roon user interface on your mobile device.


Metrum Acoustics Q1

Since we have announced the Ambre there has been a lot of traction and we expect many clients to obtain an Ambre because of the high quality components and pristine design. We are waiting for final approval from Roon, but expect to start shipping the Ambre in the next weeks.


Metrum Acoustics Forum
Because of the lively discussions on internet , but also because of the many technical questions we get on a daily basis, we have decided to initiate a forum here on our website, We hope that we can have a lot of interaction with existing and new clients on everything cool about Metrum Acoustics and that this will help people understand more about our Digital to Analog Converters.



For further info: to Metrum Acoustics website

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