New B.amp power amplifier


Press release | The B.amp is an amplifier in line with the brand's DACs. Recognized for its high-end converters, the French startup integrates its know-how in signal processing into a power amplifier, the B.amp. Operating in both mono or stereo mode, the B.amp is a perfect complement to the the B.dpr D/A converter with analog volume control.

The B.amp makes use of the proprietary IOD - Intelligent Output Drive technology, which allows an exceptionally natural sound reproduction, in line with the brand's philosophy. The guideline : getting the best out of modern technologies by overcoming their usual drawbacks rather than trying to artificially mask them. B.amp

An innovative mono/stereo design
The B.amp is a class AB "bridgeable" power amplifier, which has been engineered to be used in stereo mode while being primarily a fully symmetrical mono block. This design ensures optimal performance in both modes.

The operating scheme is the result of numerous computational simulations, followed by intensive acoustic testing. The 10-year research and development period has led to electronic refinements that meet the brand's high level of musical excellence. The output transistors operate in class AB, providing a large power reserve. Our Intelligent Output Drive - IOD technology, which makes use of local feedback, eliminates the associated crossover distortion. All other stages operate in pure class A, including the driver part of the output stage.


The B.amp will be available for sale as of April 30, 2019.


Meet us next May at the High End exhibition in Munich, Hall 4 stand P14.



The brand was founded by two brothers, Cédric and Sébastien Bermann, engineers and passionate about music and technology. It has been launched at the end of 2016 after an important phase of research and development. Beforehand, the technological potential has been validated by the Alsace Innovation agency, where comparative testing vs international references had been carried out. A patent has been registered and the company has been certified French Tech, benefiting from the support of the French public investment bank.



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